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Want a hot girl summer body? 👙

Is it finally getting warmer or am I just balls deep in trimester 2 and my body temp is through the roof? 

No friends, spring is definitely on the horizon, and I’m sure many of you have contemplated that summer getaway or are balls deep in preparing for the socials over the coming months. 

If you’ve had one or more of the following thoughts I have something for you; 

“I need to diet before ‘insert event,”

“I need to lose weight before our holiday otherwise I can’t go”

 “I am dreading that wedding (and or any event) because people are going to judge me on my weight” “I’m cancelling plans this year because I’m not in good shape” 

“I hate my body, food is my nemesis, I’ll just diet” 

Hot girl summer bods, 

What the fuck even are they? 

The protein world slender blend advert that got cancelled promoting le washboard stomach and flawless figure? A revamp of said marketing shite 👇

Or the “insert optimal clothes size” in order to be worthy of wearing… 

No, it’s diet culture 🙂🙃

It’s a gimmick that has been developed to have you believe, yet again that you shouldn’t take up space, and that squashing your body is the only way to be accepted. 

It’s demonising anything outside of the “ideal” and shaming those, even if through a perception who don’t fit said definition.

I recall going into a department store after plucking up the courage to buy some shorts during the early days of my journey, to be told by a tall white slim male that they didn’t stock “plus size” in this store. 

Thanks patriarchy you absolute asshole 👀

We have been collectively led to believe thinner is better, more worthy, more acceptable and that a number on a set of those £20 scales from Boots sits at the hierarchy of success 🙄 

But how many times have you dieted for summer and STILL felt guilty around food? 

How many times have you dieted and STILL hated your body? 

How many times have you dieted and STILL found yourself emotionally overeating? 

How many times have you dieted and STILL felt fear around food? 

How many times have you dieted and STILL felt annoyance if the scales change? 

How many times have you dieted and STILL feared social events? 

That’s because dieting does one thing, changes your pull to gravity…. 

I’m not anti fat loss, I’m anti making a choice to fit an ideal that simply doesn’t exist, a marketing campaign that is fuelled by the patriarchy to have women believe they are now enough. 

You are enough, 

Right here and now, you are enough. 

Your body is a summer body, and is worthy of all experiences. 

But maybe you’re reading this and acknowledging that fat loss is right for you. 

That fat loss, like for many of my clients, is valued aligned, is done so for your health. 

That fat loss would add significant benefits to your life, and that you’re doing it for reasons true to you. 

One of my angel clients has the best reason for her fat loss; 

“To be able to freely run around with my children, set an example for them and be here as long as possible watching them grow” 

You can absolutely diet for summer, and it be a successful diet. 

By success I mean; 

No food guilt

No body shame 

No trigger foods 

No emotional eating (without intention) 

No all or nothing 

No food avoidance 

And simultaneously lose weight and KEEP IT OFF, 

No more yo-yo dieting. 

I have a resource for you, the latest episode of the Nutrition with Rebecca Podcast, how to successfully diet for summer, you can listen here 👇🏻 

Enjoy, thanks for reading 😃


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