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Empowering people with knowledge to live a healthy and happy life


The Thrive with Life Method

A compassionate, honest, evidence-based and individualised approach to making lasting changes in your health journey.


Make lifelong changes to your health journey by learning evidence-based nutritional techniques, along with self-compassion, mindfulness, behaviour change interventions, and how to feel more accepting and confident in your body.


Your life doesn't have to be consumed by food guilt, over restriction, you don't have to feel uncomfortable in your body, your goals are achievable, with the right support.

Coaching is on an application basis, I want to ensure I can do the best for you & support you in a way that you deserve, because of this there are only a certain number of clients I do take on

The Thrive with Life Method

Does this sound like you?

  • You have tried every fad diet out there, you are unsure on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat?

  • You fear certain foods and/or restrict yourself from eating the foods you enjoy because you believe you cannot control yourself around these?

  • You struggle with your body image, you hate how you look, how you feel and desperately want to reconnect your mind and body?

  • Your eating habits are wild, some days you will over restrict yourself other days you will gauge on foods? You’re sick of the revolving cycle and just want off? 

  • You’re close to giving up out of sheer frustration, you feel helpless with your diet and just want to achieve your goals in a manageable and enjoyable way?

  • You finally want to be free of food rules, restrictions and enjoy eating again?

You just want it to be easy & manageable

The good news for you - It can be & it is, this is why I you need the Thrive with Life Method. 

What you gain;

  • A healed relationship with food, no more food guilt, shame, preoccupation with food or yoyo dieting.

  • Tailored nutritional targets based on your needs, factoring your goals, commitments and lifestyle. 

  • Learn to find peace & respect for your body by developing body-image focused tools

  • Training programme tailored to your needs that fits easily into your life

  • Habit setting and behaviours to support a flourishing lifestyle. 

  • A tool belt of coping mechanisms to support emotional awareness.

Involved in coaching;


  • Weekly check ins with written feedback

  • Weekly Live Q&As in the Group where questions (anonymously) are answered.

  • Invaluable 1-1 support, guidance and accountability throughout the entire journey with complete trust, openness, no shame or judgement.

  • Access to a group of like minded individuals all on the same journey sharing their wins, struggles and some entertainment. 

  • Monthly webinar delivered on a topic of relevance along with an ever growing extensive vault of educational documents, resources. 

  • Monthly call for 30 minutes. 

  • All delivered through an app with everything in one place.

Cost per month - £199.00 no minimum sign up.

What does my 1-1 coaching  include?

Tailored Nutrition Guidance & Targets based on your requirements & needs inline with your goals. 

 1-1 Check Ins & Video Calls along with homework to implement that supports you. 

Support on how to eat for fun, joy, with balance & flexibility. Removing guilt in way that supports your life.

Extensive Education Documents, Monthly Webinars, Weekly Live Q&A's

Personalised Training Programme / Exercise Support. 

Specific Habits & Behaviour Tracking, Mindset changes transforming your relationship with yourself & food.

Support, Reassurance, Honesty, Guidance & likely some entertainment. An enjoyable way to dieting, exercise & lifestyle changes. 

Tailored support delivered through an app which is specific to your needs, your goals & your struggles. I become part of your team


Client Testimonial

“I’m now at peace with my weight and my body. My mindset has changed do much, I am so positive about myself now and know how important my overall health is. I am so happy in myself.”
Charlotte - Full Time working Mum

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