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My Client Success Stories

For many reasons I do not like to share "before & after" photos on my social media.


These type of posts imply that one body is bad and one body is good. Whether the photos are showing weight loss or weight gain, the post reinforces the hyperfocus on weight, which is already so present in our culture. These photos can trigger unhealthy comparison.


The first thing people notice is the size of the person’s body in both photos before anything else.

They put far too much value in appearances and don’t show the whole picture.


We should also be celebrating mental health wins, improved relationship with food, major life events, improved confidence, embedded healthy habits, better exercise performance and other accomplishments that have nothing to do with appearance and/or weight. Whilst I have shown some before and after photos here, the more transformative is general client feedback further below

My ethos is sustainability & my aim is to leave you better than I found you

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Charlotte, PCOS, Mum

“I felt happy in my body, grateful for my body, for allowing me to walk down the aisle, touch my husband, smell the delicious food we had, taste my wedding cake, and most of all SMILE with my friends and family. If there’s one thing I have learnt is that the body is so much more empowering when you learn to love the little things it does over how it looks”


"I've been out socially, on holiday & been present in the meals enjoying the food. I feel content with food. I have so much respect for my body now I feel strong"

Kari-Ann, Single Full Time working Mum

"I finally feel free from the years of battled dieting. I enjoy eating now, I go out socially & enjoy it, I have a new career, new confidence in myself. I am so proud of what I have achieved"

"Rebecca has been exactly what I've needed for a long time but struggled to find in a confusing sea of fitness influences! Without Rebecca I certainly would not have found the courage to move away from the habits in my life that were not serving me well and move closer to new ones that would. Rebecca has helped me to see nutrition, fitness and lifestyle in a more sustainable and holistic way, a way that is not overwhelming and very much manageable with a busy full time job. Rebecca is so knowledgeable,
approachable and truly gives you the confidence to achieve what you want whilst gently challenging you
when those negative thoughts start creeping back in. Thank you Rebecca for being a real light in my life,
so much more than a nutrition coach and for helping me feel so much more at peace with myself and my goals!"
Anna - Full time school teacher

"Working with Rebecca has been nothing but educational and amazing!! Her friendly and realistic approach has meant that I’ve enjoyed 30th birthdays, spending quality time with family and friends and just enjoying life with no guilt, no stress that I’ve messed up and still seen huge results not just physical but the mental demons have been banished. I’m now fully equipped and in control of listening & fuelling my body correctly and I can’t thank Rebecca enough for all the advice & support I’ve had every single step of the way."

Shelbi - Dental Nurse

“I never used to eat certain foods because I thought they were bad, and when I did I used to eat too much of
it and then feel guilty. It’s liberating now eating them daily and enjoying it.”
Janine - Mum of 4 Children

"I honestly don't know where to begin to describe how this amazing woman has helped me! I met with her last summer and I immediately felt at ease and that she understood my constant cycle of binging and restricting myself on endless diets. From the very start I could tell that Rebecca not only wanted to help me lose body fat but more importantly wanted to arm me with information and knowledge so I can do this for life. She wants to build confidence in all her clients as she knows the power of this alone.
The changes in me not only physically - fat loss, cv strength, resting heart rate, less lower back pain but also mentally is completely down to her. Her encouragement, knowledge and kindness has transformed my life. From a broken, overweight, no energy, or self believing person to the person
I've become is shocking and I cant thank her enough. So proud that she's my coach and even more proud that she's my friend."
Jo - Single Mum of 2, Working Full Time

“I don’t really know where to start. Rebecca has changed my life! I used to restrict all through the week only to go crazy every weekend. Eating mindlessly and craving crap because I’d deprived myself all week. Only to start the week back at square one ‘being good’ only to go back to bingeing by Thursday/Friday. I’ve now learnt to be consistent, I’ve built a routine that I love based on the foods I love and around my lifestyle. This is all thanks to Rebecca! I now don’t feel like I have to eat all the foods I’ve deprived myself of all week as I don’t deprive myself of any foods. I’m eating the most I’ve ever eaten consistently and I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I never start a week feeling like I need to restrict. I start a week like I don’t know what day it is. Rebecca has taught me to enjoy social events and not fear them. She has taught me to be compassionate to myself, to listen to my body and to be my own biggest fan (I’m still working on this part)!”
Issy Personal Trainer

"Rebecca takes a no-nonsense approach to nutrition, using scientific fact and research to inform her practice and to help guide you on your journey to optimise your health and well-being. Rebecca makes it her mission to be there for you, to answer your questions within 24 hours 7 days a week (not something she promises, but something she always delivers), whilst also regularly checking in
to see how you are getting on. It is clear that Rebecca really cares for her clients. This isn’t just a business for her, she is truly passionate about helping you to build a strong foundation for your overall health and well-being. Nothing is too big an ask, she will simply be there for you when you need her. I cannot thank Rebecca enough for all the help and support she has given me over the
past 6 months. If you need a coach who is totally in your corner, rooting for you, and cutting out the crap the diet industry has fed you your entire life then Rebecca is your gal!"
Jess - Singer alongside a Full Time Job

“I’m now at peace with my weight and my body. My mindset has changed do much, I am so positive about myself now and know how important my overall health is. I am so happy in myself.”
Charlotte - Full Time working Mum

"Thank you Rebecca,  I can’t believe how well I feel for the end of my holiday. I'm normally bloated and in pain, but I feel none of that now and no binging.

Just like you said I'm enjoying nice consistent meals, a little more by the evening however lovely and balanced in the day! Can’t believe how much I used to worry about holidays and food in the past. 

I’m buzzing for myself. I feel amazing, not got any holiday bloat or extra weight, this is definitely a first for me. I'm now back into a normal routine and smashing my daily goals. So happy.

Hayley - Full time Working Mum

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