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You completely suck at dieting 👀

Is it a you problem? Is it your metabolism? Is it because you don’t ‘manage your blood sugars’? Is it your will power? Maybe you’re just broken? Or don’t want it enough?

Some or maybe all of the stories you have told yourself about why you cannot successfully diet?

Why you cannot successfully keep weight off for a long period of time,

You probably “eat really healthy” too? Or so you believe,

But here’s the thing;

What does eating healthy even mean? What does eating healthy look like for you? What does eating healthy feel like in your life?

Probably it looks like;

Being on track, Meticulously controlling your food intake, Avoiding certain foods, Removing the trigger foods out your house, Over restricting, Only eating “good” foods, Validating your actions through external apps like MFP, Following rules, Eating and exercising to change your body,

Is that really health?

Or is that subscribing to diet culture narrative that leaves you from from satisfied, far from achieving your goal of health rather wrapped up in food focus, body fixation, body shame, food preoccupation, all or nothing thinking…

You hold a set of beliefs pushed on you from the dieting industry that values thinness, appearance, and shape above health & well-being.

Your perception of health is now to look a certain way,

You believe health is a certain weight a certain shape, a meticulous control of a certain scale weight,

You adopt that over how you feel,

You follow approaches to try and attain “health” but you never reach the destination,

You never feel healthy in your body,

You’ve likely lost weight before, felt good for a short time,

But fell back into the same habits before,

Back to overeating cycles and feeling guilty with your actions,

And each time you commit to “being healthy” again, you embark on a restrictive approach, Sacrifice 8-12 weeks of your life, to look a certain way, because health.

I get it, I was once there too, I say this to all my clients, I have been where you’re at, I am human, I’m just years ahead of you with a bank of knowledge and experience to get you out the trenches with evidence based strategies that support you long term and have you really invest in your health with sustainable lasting change.

I remember losing an entire holiday in Las Vegas to thoughts around my body, subscribing to the diet culture narrative, a belief my body shape, the ‘thinness’, my appearance was the most important thing about me. It wasn’t and it isn’t…

I thought I was at the “pinnacle of my health” because I received so much validation from how I looked, I was praised for my body, I was celebrated on my looks, I was far from healthy, I had no muscle, it was skin and bone, no menstrual cycle, no libido, no energy, always injured, I survived on coffee and fell into weekly binge eating cycles.

All of my clients who start with me have the same thoughts,

This idea that health is attached to their external appearance, that they need to “look a certain way” to be healthy,

It’s normalised still in this day and age which is frankly scary and somewhat ludicrous,

But over time at The Thrive with Life Method we unpick that narrative,

We form an approach that is really healthy for you,

That takes you out of the trenches of dieting despair, and reconnects you back to your body with awareness, value led intentions and a growth mindset.

Sounds corny?

Dieting shouldn’t take over your life,

It shouldn’t be this daily battle, This grind harder mentality, It shouldn’t require an abundance of willpower,

It isn’t something that needs daily motivation,

Health is your life, Health is to be here, Health is to exist, Health is to live, Health is to be enjoyed, Health is a privilege,

We take it for granted and try and control it to fit this box,

A box of perfection, proving an pleasing, thanks Brene,

Here we take the strain out of your thoughts,

We help you reframe your focus now to what you CAN do over what you believe you SHOULD do, your should is built up of a myriad of years of frankly nonsense.

If you are “dieting” but aren’t losing weight the reality is you aren’t in a deficit and the reality is dieting right now is probably not the best thing for you, thats not to say you can’t lose weight but its more that the foundations are not in place for the longterm sustainable fat loss.

Fat loss should add value to your life, but now you’ve spent years dieting its no longer adding value to your life.

Rather you need to work through laying the foundations ie your food relationship to prime you then for a lasting fat loss phase.

When working through your food relationship there can be some stigma around doing the work, its not as “sexy” as fat loss, and still some shame around it, i get that and relate so much it took me years to acknowledge my food relationship, but it wasn’t until i did so that the weight loss actually became stable, previous it was erratic and out of control,

That isn’t health friends.

Until you work through your food relationship you will never successfully diet.

You’ll never be fully healthy, Away from the food focus, The food fixation, The meticulous control, The body shame, The guilt,

It’ll remain there until you make the change.

Making the change today will banish all of that come Christmas, I promise

Being able to feel healthier in your body, That feeling attained through behaviour change, Building your confidence through the actions you take, Having more compassion and acceptance in your body, Being able to eat foods without guilt and no all or nothing thinking, Fully connecting with those around you, experiencing joy, laughter, memories, because you are not consumed by thoughts around food.

That’s ending the year healthy,

Not eating all the food in the house to “get back on it” come 1st January 🫣

Ready to explore what health really means to you,

How to successfully be healthy for you,

Banish the years of yoyo dieting and feel healthier by the end of 2023?

I have a treat for you, check out Episode 68 of the Nutrition with Rebecca Podcast

“I eat really healthy but can’t lose weight”

Here’s to a healthy & happy version of you ❤️


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