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Why perfection halts your progress 👀

What if you stopped trying to be perfect? 

What if you allowed yourself to be as messy as life is? 

What if you stopped putting such high standards and expectations on yourself? 

How many times have you given up because things didn’t go “perfectly” 👀

Perfection is a trait NOT an identity.

You are NOT a perfectionist.

You HAVE perfectionist tendencies. 

We develop perfection as a way to feel enough in some way..

Too many people try and use perfection as a driver to achieve more but it actually holds you back from success. 

Perfection is a perception, it doesn’t exist, you’re spending time chasing an ideal that only you believe. Your perfect is different to anyone’s, and each time it isn’t perfect you throw in the towel because you’ve “failed” 

In reality, it’s an excuse, removing perfection removes the quitting, and gives you the space to sit in the moment, to understand, to gain perspective, build resilience and continue taking steps. 

Without failure there can be no feedback. With no feedback there can be no transformative change. 

Failure is success, it allows you to learn, to grow, to adapt should that situation arise again. 

Instead of associating failing with bad and constantly giving up in that moment, take some time to reflect what happened;

What can you learn from that situation? 

How can you adapt with the understanding? 

What lessons can you take forward into that next situation to support you with the awareness from this?

Taking steps forward in the times that present with challenges actually enables you to get closer to your goal with more awareness, every time you give up, the process becomes longer, more challenging, impacts your relationship with yourself and with food. 

The difference between those who heal and get lasting results and those who don’t is not that they’re “born with it” it’s that they embrace imperfection, open their heart to challenges with compassion, resilience and never give up. 

Today, leave perfection here, and instead of trying to do everything and be everything, look at what you CAN do… 

Check out this Podcast Episode for more on letting go of Perfection and embracing the messiness of life ❤️


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