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Who is benefitting from your actions and beliefs?

Do you remember the days when you were younger, when you didn’t care if your socks matched, you didn’t care if you had food down your top before you went out for food, you didn’t care about your body shape, you didn’t care about dieting…

When you were care free, truly living your life.

And actually a lot of my clients go back to their childhood to remember those times, when they had hobbies, intentional joy, zero perfection beliefs, no body ‘hang ups’, and were simply living their life.

There was once a time you didn’t have the beliefs you have now.There was once a time you didn’t hold yourself back because of your body shape.There was once a time you could give or take food.There was once a time you’d express your emotions without ‘feeling silly’

You weren’t born with a body image belief,

You weren’t born with food restriction beliefs, 

You weren’t born with fear around weight gain, 

You weren’t born wanting to avoid certain foods, 

You weren’t born believing you aren’t enough, 

You weren’t born with association to the scale weight, 

You weren’t born with all or nothing beliefs, 

You weren’t born wanting everything to be perfect… 

Who profits from your current beliefs? 

Instead of criticising your body, your food, the perfection beliefs, why not criticise where these beliefs came from, the media, advertising, diet culture, previous methods. 

Instead of deconstructing yourself, deconstruct the claims that methods and the media have thrown your way, especially when they haven’t delivered what they promised. 

Diet and body image magic fixes don’t work, we know that… 

Yet we’ve all seen and been exposed to such BS that has clouded our judgement of ourselves, created roadblocks in our journey. 

But who is benefitting? 

Is it you? 

Or is it diet culture?

Beauty standards?

Unrealistic and false ideals? 

You aren’t the problem, the problem is the beliefs you have been fed. 

As we approach a new week, where maybe you default back to restriction and getting back on it, I urge you to get curious, 

When your critical thoughts arise, around your body, food, perfection ideals, resentment, frustration;

  • Who is benefiting from this thought? 

  • Where does this thought/belief stem from?

  • Is this reality or based on perception?

  • Are the behaviours that come beneficial to my food and body relationship?

  • If not, what do I fear happening if I change the action?

  • One thing I will do today to take action for my future self away from these beliefs…

Take a deep exhale breath, come back to your body and follow with ….


You’re the only one that matters.

Love Rebecca x


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