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What the Spice Girls can teach us about Nutrition!

1997 hit release from one of the biggest girl bands in history, Featuring on a belting album “Spice World”

Do you ever look back and think - Is there any wonder women critically evaluate their bodies?

Sporty Spice Scary Spice Posh Spice Baby Spice Ginger Spice

Each member adopting an identity based on their looks, Was Victoria really posh? Or was that an identity she had been given based on how she dressed? Was Mel C really sporty? Or did she just wear Puma poppers and get on with her life?

It’s pretty crazy to think the world we have grown up in, With the beliefs that have been put on us, women in particular, that we shouldn’t have needs, that we shouldn’t have a voice, that we shouldn’t take up too much space. That we should conform.

If we have needs, we are needy. If we have a voice, we are aggressive. If we take up space, we must diet to take up less room.

And growing up in a world where emotional regulation, emotional wellbeing, safety in language just wasn’t spoken about, Mental health not discussed, Challenges with situations not given the capacity to understand.

Instead many have just gotten on with it.

Losing their identity to this misbelief around women, Ft note - This may apply to men too but I have little experience with that.

And the identity adopted as the people pleaser, doing anything to ‘fit in’ to be ‘accepted’ by those around has come at the expense of self respect.

What do you do for yourself outside of the pressures of life? What do you do for yourself that brings you joy in life?

Its questions I pose to all of my clients,

Because in reality for many, and I once felt the same, food can be the only thing that brings you joy in life.

It can be the only way you express your emotions, the only way you meet your needs.

Emotional eating, overeating, binge eating, becomes your only coping mechanism.

And each time you use it, and you’re left with the guilt, you stop to manifest a story about yourself. That you aren’t worthy, that you cannot change, that their must be something wrong with you, when in reality, the food in that moment is serving a purpose, it is doing something for you, it is bringing you an amount of reprieve.

It doesn’t mean it has to remain that way, Quite the opposite, But it requires building on the capacity to pause, To slow down for a slight second in the moment, Building self awareness, Checking in with the action,

Is this helpful or is this hindering?

And very much like the 1997 Hit by Spice Girls “Stop”

“Stop right Now Thank you very much I need somebody with the human touch Hey you you always on the run Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun”

We are looking for you to stop in the moment, Thank your body for the awareness she has, Seek some human touch, from yourself, because you are your best friend right? You’re currently going at 300mph, lets bring you out of autopilot and into some conscious awareness at 250mph, Slowing your thoughts down, in order to chose a different coping strategy in that moment.

Thus supporting better emotional regulation and more adaptive coping strategies for you in the moment.

Emotional eating in the moment is a big hurdle that all of my clients work through and one strategy they all learn is the capacity to stop,

They do so by having my favourite friend Pat with them, Pat supports their awareness and helps them check in with whats the next right thing.

Pause And Think

Pat is one of the most supportive tools for your toolbelt, and I’m giving her secret away for free, you can find out all about her by listening to the latest Episode of the Nutrition with Rebecca Podcast below.


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