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The ONLY Fat Loss Hacks you need ❤️

The fitness industry love a buzz word, they get thrown around like a basketball in a court, you’ll have seen them everywhere, they’re a marketing tool, but most I can’t stand. I see them and think “what a load of shite” 🙃

The latest one I’ve seen countless times “hacks” 

Dieting hacks, 

Fat loss hacks, 

Motivation hacks, 

Exercise hacks, 

Summer body hacks, 

All sorts of “hacks” based on the challenges many face, it’s a marketing gimmick, and frankly doing more harm than good. 

The latest “fat loss hack” I saw was drinking a pint of water every hour to “speed up your metabolism and burn more fat” 

Sorry what? 

Are you a car now going into 4th gear? 

No, absolutely not and shockingly there’s not an ounce of truth in this. 

But that post had a huge reach, it got to 000’s of people with comments flooding about the latest hack they can implement for quick fat loss. 

Disempowering to say the least. 

Removing awareness, autonomy and having people try ANYTHING to lose weight, but at the expense of their food relationship, body image, sanity!! Spending hours a day consumed by food, what to eat, when to eat, how to eat. 

It’s bonkers, in reality you ALL know how to eat, yet your confidence has been wiped from methods previously tried. You now have a bank of limiting beliefs that prevent you taking action, you’d rather a diet plan to follow than learning to trust yourself, to feel at peace around food. 

I get it, it can feel easier that way, but trust me it’s not, looking back when you’re 80 you don’t want to have spent your entire adult life consumed by food, by dieting. 

So here are the ONLY fat loss hacks you need to successfully diet and keep your weight off; 

  1. Follow an inclusive approach, no foods are off limits, no foods are avoided.

  2. Have unconditional permission to eat, you need to be able to say no as well as yes. 

  3. Eat a variety of fruits, veggies, carbs, fats, whole grains. A Mediterranean style diet is one we know to be optimal for health for most. 

  4. Your language and beliefs need to be neutral, no food in isolation exists as being bad, likewise as good. 

  5. Make sure your diet aligns to your values and is done so for you, not to fit a box society pressure many into. 

  6. Have a toolbox of tools to manage stress and emotions, when life happens, because it will you want to be able to comfort yourself outside of food. 

  7. Accept that at times you will overeat, that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or you’ve done wrong, it means you’re human, learning from that experience and situation is imperative to adapting later on. 

  8. You never fail, you always learn. Reframing failure is an important part of your journey, if you believe failing is bad, you’ll never learn, if you never learn you’ll never succeed

  9. Stop trying to be perfect, you’ll never have a perfect day, it doesn’t exist. Perfect will trip you up into dichotomous thinking. 

  10. Practise mindful eating, so many struggle to recognise true hunger and fullness, pulling in mindful strategies help

  11. Play the long game, as much as it hurts, you won’t diet and keep it off in 4 weeks, patience is a virtue, and that’s far easier when you actually enjoy the process. 

  12. Diet from a place of acceptance, dieting from a place of guilt or shame in your body is only going to end in body image dissatisfaction and unsustainable results. 

  13. Have compassion for yourself, you don’t treat and talk to your best friend like 💩 why do it to yourself? 

Fat loss is boring, it’s dull, it isn’t sexy yet so many marketing strategies try and make it seem like a night out on the town. 

Fat loss is actually hard, made even harder when you see so much BS online now about anti inflammatory diets, blood glucose and only eating kefir or organic produce. 

It doesn’t mean fat loss is impossible, it’s possible for everyone, but the approach you take will be make or break for your results, your health, the feeling you have around food. 

If you haven’t the above your diet will feel overly restricted and impact your food relationship, leaving you trapped in a battle of yo-yo dieting, body shame and food pre-occupation. Here at Thrive with Life we support you making the changes you need with your behaviours, mindset, and actions, that empower you to feel free, at peace and confident in your fat loss journey.

Ready to finally feel like you’re making the right progress? We have two spaces open, reach out via the below. Lets chat 💬


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