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It is not what you ‘should do’ but more what you ‘could do’

The perfectionist in us all, little do we realise its working against so many of us and actually looking at the umbrella of life we practise imperfect actions across the board. So why do we take an ‘all or nothing’ mentality and an ‘on or off’ approach to nutrition?

Marketing campaigns and diet culture have a part in this, but alongside the ideology for many that health is governed by your size, the false dichotomy with two complete ends of the spectrum, if you’re eating only ‘clean foods’ you are dieting and if not you show no regard for your choices and do not value your health. All plays into this ‘should’ ..

I should diet to lose weight I should eat better

I should exercise I should restrict all ‘bad’ foods.

Collectively increasing the all or nothing mindset because when life happens, and let me tell you life does happen, you feel like a failure, playing into emotions and negative feelings, and then working against yourself.

The reframe from what you should do, to what you could do increases your chance of success 10 fold.


Because it has you recognise that you have freedom of choice with every situation, you are not dictated to by a diet plan or rigid approach, more you can pause, take a moment to make a choice that is true to you.

Choice is a privilege, one many overlook but the realisation of how you can work with yourself you begin to unravel the confidence and trust back in yourself.

I could improve my way of eating

I could move my body today

I could balance my meals

The dialogue you take to how you view any change is super important! You can set yourself up for failure by trying to be perfect, coinciding with what you feel you should do. Imperfect action and compassionate dialogue will help you with longterm results, it doesn’t mean you need to sit back and do nothing, quite the opposite, it allows you to manage expectations each day, ride the wave of life that happens and still make choices to better your health improving the day to day success.


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