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Internalised Weight Bias

Internalised Weight Bias 🫣

We tend to associate being smaller with being more happy, healthier, more attractive, and successful, and we associate being bigger with being lazy, unhealthy and unattractive.

As a result many spend a long time constantly chasing to be in a smaller body, finding it hard to accept being bigger and challenging to deal with body changes.

Often it isn't the weight that is the issue, but the MEANING we have assigned to what this means about ourselves..

Weight gain is not inherently bad, and beliefs that it is can keep you stuck in unhealthy disordered eating behaviours therefore making any goal you set harder due to the shame and guilt felt being in a bigger body or experiencing changes in your body image.

Internalised weight bias is associated with; Body Dissatisfaction Low self esteem Disordered eating Body / exercise avoidance Over exercising

To overcome this we must challenge our internal weight bias in order to stop letting our weight hold us back from living our life to the fullest and experiencing holistic health.

How to do that?

Understand that weight is not the only marker of health, learn to recognise the steps you take each day to better your health - Movement, hydration, sleep, self care - All of these are overlooked by so many but compound to confidence in what you can achieve.

Compliment others on their qualities NOT their weight.

Engage in conversations outside of peoples appearances, ask questions about how people are, how has their day been, hows work been.

Practise self compassion, learn to appreciate and accept your body, one daily compliment to yourself.

I fell hugely at the expense of Internal Weight Bias - It held me back for years and years and I suffered adverse affects on my health, both at my biggest and smallest, it was a huge barrier but the neutrality that comes of challenging these internal thoughts serves for a more peaceful approach to your health (mentally)

Challenge that internal belief to a place of harmony & peace in yourself.


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