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Helpful tips for mindful eating

Tracking calories and adding foods to your latest app serves a purpose for many with awareness of energy balance, but longterm success goes beyond the dictation of an app for what you are eating.

Mindful eating is particularly beneficial to sustainable results, being present and understanding feelings, emotions and needs, creating an environment that allows you to enjoy meals is powerful for longevity.

Simple tips to begin mindful eating; Slow down your eating. Be present with the food, eating a meal is a privilege, take your time, enjoy it, recognise the taste, allow yourself to register what you are eating to help regulate your hunger.

Eat without distraction. Eating into Facebook, Instagram, the TV reduces signals to the brain and can therefore impact hunger regulation meaning a reduction in fullness and satiety signalling leading to a psychological response to want to eat more food. Think popcorn in a cinema scenario, you never feel overly full or psychologically like you’ve eaten it because you were distracted throughout. These instances obviously warrant a distraction as they form the experience but day to day try and reduce the distraction.

Reduce subconscious snacking. There is nothing inherently wrong with snacking but a lot can be done without any conscious thought. If you find you snack lots throughout the day, look at your meals, base your meals around a protein source, vegetables, fruits, starchy carbohydrates and dietary fats to aid in fullness and satiety reducing the snacking consumption.

Many report snacking through emotional needs too, boredom, or even habitual within the office following in suit with the majority.

Question your meals, implementing a pause. How will this food make me feel? Does this food align with my goals? Will I enjoy this? Will this food benefit me?


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