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Does weight loss solve everything?

Newsflash❗️ Embark on a fat loss phase, drop a few KGs and it solves every problem you have ever had…

You’ll love your body Never think about food again Keep all the weight off Have the most confidence ever Love yourself til death do you part Eat all the food you love and never feel a smidgen of guilt STOPS binge eating Heals maladaptive coping behaviours & emotional eating Always feel comfortable in your body Never people please or try to be perfect again

It wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t a billboard with this on in all honesty,

You know that isn’t true though right? You know fat loss only changes one thing, your pull to gravity.

That’s not to say you cannot get all the above incredible benefits from embarking on a fat loss phase if done for the right reason, with the right intention and support.

But for most of you reading this, you have likely been at some point in your journey led to believe that fat loss solves everything and therefore embarked on a fat loss journey with the belief that when you lose the weight you will attain all of the above 👆

But it never arrives?

You have lost weight before, but you’re still binge eating, you still have no confidence in yourself, you still go “off track” at the weekend, you still feel guilty when you eat a doughnut so you avoid the doughnut only to overeat the doughnuts….

& the weight is regained.

Its a you problem says the latest instagram influencer, you’re lacking mOtiVaTiOn & willpower…

So you bash at your body, call her all the names under the sun and knuckle down for another failed diet.

I get it, I understand, mainly because the vast amount of clients who start with me feel the same, and I was there once too.

Diet culture & Le Fitness Industry have fat loss on a pedestal, many believe now to be healthier it’s just “fat loss” with absolutely no awareness of the process and how impactful that can be on food relationships and body image.

Spending years chasing a smaller figure, with the belief that once that figure, weight or shape is attained they’ll be worthy, enough, accepted, validated.

It never comes, despite the reality being now that for a lot of people, fat loss is a healthy option especially if in a larger body, Fat loss for me at 140kg WAS a healthy option.

But the intent behind every action is going to have the biggest impact on the outcome and thus sustainability of your results.

“You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens” - Louise Hay

I really resonated with this quote, and I am sure a lot of you will too.

With the societal messaging out there around weight and shape, these misinformed diets are done through a guilt trip, they profit from your insecurities and market on your vulnerabilities, cue the next batch of shit that will come out;

12 week shred into Xmas so you can eat whatever you want and not worry about it”

So you’ll slog your way into Christmas, with heightened food pre-occupation, avoid social events, Christmas Markets because ‘fat loss’ to find yourself riddled with discomfort after eating everything and more over the festive period, to wake up and feel guilty on 1st January to start again… Or you’ll find it so ridiculously restrictive you’ll give up and start overeating because ‘failure’ mindset has crept it…

Your smiling because you resonate and have done that before right? But you’re also now frustrated because reading that you can see how unhealthy and unhelpful those methods are.

Is there any wonder you feel so disconnected from your body? Is there any wonder you fear certain food, avoid it to overeat it? Is there any wonder you are sick of making decisions around food? Is there any wonder your confidence is rock bottom and you struggle to take action?

No there isn’t … But it doesn’t mean that this is you forever, you’ve done the best you can with what you know, now its time to know differently.

I went into a fat loss phase at 140kg and fell into all the shit approaches with all the above beliefs, being in a body I felt that was demonised by society, being bullied about my size, taken to the doctors to be simply told to lose weight, never getting male attention, and falling into a lot of people pleasing to try and feel worthy I believed fat loss was going to make everything better.

If I lost weight then I would be happy and healthy.

So I did, I lost an astronomical 87kg, because of course my vanity took over at 52.9kg and sent a picture to my then coach…

But I was far from healthy, And I was not at all happy,

Infact it was the opposite, NOBODY was celebrating my new found weight loss, there was no party, no banners, no real nothing…

It was like nobody cared - Shockingly they didn’t & they shouldn’t

I was still binge eating, I was still using food to suppress emotions, I exercised for my body to be riddled with injuries, I felt more guilt around food than before, My life revolved around my body because I was SURE I was meant to feel different.

So why did I have no sex life? No libido? No social life? A shocking food relationship? Why did I go to surgeons to try and fix more of my body?

Because I dieted with the wrong intent. I dieted as a way of trying to validate myself. I dieted as a way of “boosting” my confidence. I dieted to find love. I dieted to be accepted. I dieted to fix my binge eating. I dieted to fix my body. I dieted to love myself.

The intent was unhealthy, I was not confident. I was MORE of a people pleaser, I fell into patriarchy (I know I hate that too) I was binge eating I hated myself

On the surface I was in a societally accepted body, but inside I was so unhealthy and unhappy.

Fortunately, typing this now, I am years forward from that, but it sparked a desire in me, to help people stop falling into the same trap as I did. I support people with their food relationship, body image and lose weight if that’s a healthy choice, which is why I spent years educating myself, learning from huge people in the industry to be able to offer a service that banishes years of diet culture and supports every single unique person live a life of health, happiness, peace and content in their bodies.

People struggle to hear that dieting didn’t solve anything for me, but I guarantee it didn’t, and to give you more insight on my food relationship and body image at both 140kg and 53kg I have recorded a podcast for you 👇

Here I take a deep dive into how it felt at 140kg and the process and journey to 53kg and how much was sacrificed on the way in an unhealthy manner.

Many of you will resonate with a lot of what I say, and all I want you to know is, you don’t have to remain where you are. I do what I do because I get it, I know what its like and frankly I know you deserve so much better than the myriad of crap thrown out in the dieting industry.

This isn’t anti-diet, it’s pro diet, it’s pro longterm sustainable dieting in a healthy and happy way.

All you’ve got to do it commit ❤️ I believe in you.


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