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Why you'd be better off at Slimming World

I’m not anti these approaches, sometimes it can be perceived that I am, especially when many of the rules have absolutely zero context,

I can get somewhat vocal about the ludicrously of the them, which may lead people to believe I am anti these, my favourite is a banana 🍌

So you can eat a banana and it has zero syns, But if you mash the banana it has syns,

I was mesmerised by this, there’s absolutely zero context to such an approach, energy balance doesn’t change with mashing a banana 🍌 I even did an experiment 🔬

I weighed a banana it was 180g I then proceed to mash the banana 🍌 I weighed it again, it was 174g (because some of the banana was on the f%&king masher!!!)

But apparently now less of a banana has syns, Baffles,

There’s absolutely no logic behind it, nor any evidence (surprisingly!)

The fixation on food as a number becomes all encompassing for so many people, Doing a weekly shop based on syns,

Trying to mitigate their food shop to hit a certain number each day,

Food loses its context, it goes from something that should be extremely nourishing to a syn….

There’s scarcity around eating more than one portion of bread per day,

There’s the categorisation of foods you should be avoiding,

There’s labelling of “free foods” as if these foods can be eaten without any consequences, you can literally eat as much pasta, potatoes and rice as you like, now me as a typical millennial loves a good carbohydrate 🥔

I could eat a day of carbs and ‘apparently’ lose weight, that my friends goes against energy balance.

I have the appetite of a highland cow, I love food as much as I love Edith, If I was given a green light to eat all the carbs, I would eat all the carbs…

That would then cause an energy surplus, Because “Slimming World” told me I could eat like this, so I’d validate actions and just eat,

I’d likely have continued to eat to suppress emotions, I’d likely have continued to eat my way through stress, I’d likely have continued to eat based on rules with absolutely no awareness of what the food is doing for my body, or how I feel in my body,

And shockingly, I wouldn’t lose weight, so i’d of course blame the carbs, it’s the “pastas fault” it was that Wednesday that I had double B syns and that means its because of the bread, so i’d avoid these and munch on lettuce and wafer thin ham all day because “more freebies”

Gosh now I am sat thinking about food all day because I am ravenous,

My husband wants to go out tonight and I can’t because I’m “trying to be good” I’ll cancel him and sit at home with my diet coke made curry that I spent 3 hours cooking, How dare he suggest to take me out, does he not know today I’m on track…

And now I’m home, the children having their dinner, I’m starving, so i’ll pick at their plates, and then i’m in the biscuits,


Screw the curry, I’ll just have some wine and chocolate because I clearly can’t do this….

And the cycle continues, Restrict, Binge, Restrict, Binge,

Avoidance of social events, pre-occupation with food, constant thoughts around food, disconnect from your body, annoyance and projection outwardly to others, basing your entire worth on that number each week you get weighed.

You mitigate Mondays food because you know its “weigh day” so you try not to drink much, eat like a pigeon all day in hope you’ve lost that 2lb, you suck in your stomach and pray beforehand, the entirety of your evenings and weeks mood depends on that number…

Either way you’re going home to binge, Out of annoyance because you haven’t lost, Or to celebrate before you “get back on it tomorrow”

There is simply one reason why you’d be better at Slimming World - If you want a life governed by food rules and your worth to be determined by a number on the scales.

Because you read my little story above and resonated with all of it right?

I know reading this you have followed those behaviours,

Maybe it wasn’t Slimming World, maybe Weight Watchers, or that Diet Plan from your PT but either way your life has been governed by food rules, food focus and you have a (mis)belief that your weight is the most important part of you.

And if that makes you happy, I am happy for you, genuinely ❤️

But I suspect actually for the majority of you, you are sick and tired of the war with food, the war with your body and never achieving your goals.

Sure you do lose some weight, but it always finds you again, and probably even more, now you feel the shame in your body, annoyance in yourself,

And you have some marketing campaign telling you ‘fat loss is impossible when you age’ - The very word its self spells I’Mpossible, its by no means impossible, but the process is frankly harder and less attainable if your intentions are met with the sole purpose of changing your weight and the fixation being on food and perfection, that will make it impossible.

I have something that makes fat loss possible, having lost 85kg myself and kept it off for now creeping up to 9 years, there’s a method that supports you achieving your fat loss but not just that;

  • Sustainable fat loss

  • No more emotional eating

  • No food guilt

  • No food pre-occupation

  • No body bashing comments or behaviours

  • No food avoidance

  • No more food talking to you (you know what I mean)

  • Being able to eat chocolate and not all the chocolate

  • Going out socially and not fixating on food

  • Moving your body for health

  • Eating for nourishment both of your body and experiences

  • No more track you are jumping on and off

  • The most autonomy with self awareness, ie you make decisions for yourself not based on validation from a number or an app.

  • Invaluable support, reassurance, witty humour, evidence based, holistic approach inclusive of health on a 1-1 level.

Christ, WHAT A PLACE to be….

Legit imagine that, come Christmas feeling all of that, when the celebrations are out you’re able to eat as many as you choose without feeling you need to avoid them or without having to go back to the shop to replenish the tub you demolished (we’ve all done it)

Imagine sitting at the dinner table and not spending 90% of the time thinking about food, or perceiving someone else is judging you on your choices.

Imagine going out socially and feeling comfortable in your body with awareness, self compassion and then being able to attain connection with those around you.

Imagine a life where you no longer spent the entirety of your day focused on food or your body, where you didn’t fear that evening loss of control and instead found more joy in your day, met your own needs and focused on the important things in your life.

Imagine being able to self regulate without food, being able to have food in the house without fearing it, being able to say yes to food with an open heart and say no to food because its value aligned.

Imagine not having your mood dictated by a number on some scales rather being accepting of that and moving on.

I do what I do because I’ve been there, in the depths of binge eating, over restriction and hating my body, I even considered surgery to remove my excess skin, I hold space for anyone who has done that but for me, it was trying to “fix” myself,

Now I eat doughnuts, but I eat vegetables, I move my body, but I rest her, I respect her and right now typing this to you, I do love her, I love that she breathes for me, I love that she’s just digested my big bowl of chocolate porridge, I love that she allows me to support you on the next chapter of your life, I eat to nourish my body, but I eat to nourish an experience, I do love food, and I thought once upon a time food would forever own me,

But it doesn’t and you know its pretty freeing and a cool place to be.

It’s why I created the Thrive with Life Method, I want to take you from the depths of unhelpful and unHEALTHFUL knowledge to finally understanding how to have a healthy and happy life that isn’t governed by rules, that isn’t dictated by rigid approaches, that is as messy as life is, that allows you to adapt, be flexible and without feeling like a failure, to be able to go out socially and know that’s absolutely ok, to step on the scales without losing then your whole day to that number, to understand your needs, to have the self awareness, to build your confidence to hold your own space, to have an identity outside of dieting.

You don’t need to spend the entirety of your life chasing fat loss, And any approach you take should be making you feel better, adding to your life, That’s what I have for you, an approach that adds to your life, That reconnects you back to your body and has you enjoy life for what it is all whilst working towards your goal in a healthy and beneficial way.

Ready to Thrive with your life? 👇


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