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A little about me...

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A little about me...

Rebecca Mansfield

A qualified & certified Nutritionist, compassionate coach, specialising in food relationships, with extensive knowledge on body image, behaviour change. 

Hi, I’m Rebecca, a woman on a mission to empower you with the knowledge and support to live the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, living in true alignment with your values.

Having suffered with dysfunctional and disordered eating throughout my teens and early twenties, my ethos is sustainability with gaining knowledge and understanding of what your body needs - meeting emotional and physical demands.

My Story

At 21 years old, 22 stone, unhappy, unhealthy, no confidence, low self esteem.png

At 21 years old, weighing around 22 stone after years of emotional binge eating I recognised my health was on the decline.

Back then, there was no real support for fat loss, growing up in an era where ‘skinny’ was fashionable, looking around at Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Victoria's Secret Models, the vast strived to be the smallest and that was only achieved through overly restricted diets. I first followed Weight Watchers, working to begin with I did drop a lot of weight, but my behaviours were still the same. Restricting all week until ‘weigh day’ where I’d be told one of two outcomes, I’d either lost / gained that week, regardless of which I would go home and binge on foods through an emotion, happy or disappointed. This continued until Weight Watchers no longer worked, so Slimming World was my next point of call. With little to no success I gave up within a month. From here I tried ‘juice detoxes’ which heightened my yoyo approach, why? Because any unnecessary restriction does lead to an over consumption. My obsession with fat loss continued, with the obsession impacting my emotions and self confidence, whilst externally I was making progress I found myself feeling worse internally, I believed that the only way I could continue was to keep dieting. I thought I would find happiness in a smaller body, but each mile stone my self worth became more attached to what I perceived society accepted. I found exercise to help make progress, but I became overly obsessed, cycling around 40 miles per day and tackling a gym session, recalling one day after 7 constant weeks of this I decided not to go to the gym, my Dad who I know meant well turned around and said ‘you’ll get fat if you don't go’ - That was it, off for an exhausting session, but this was equally the same day that I found myself spending £24 on pick n mix and eating the lot, to wake up the next morning riddled with guilt and then run for 13 miles to ‘burn it off’ - I was at this point a “healthy weight” but my mental health was significantly impacted, the methods and approaches I was following were increasing my emotions and not helping me with any longterm results coinciding with a terrible relationship with a previous partner, which also impacted my emotional regulation.


There was no evidence based practitioners or real science knowledge back then. Luckily, I got to a place, thanks to meeting  my now Hubby, where I embarked on a new journey. A journey that saw me seek therapy to better understand my past trauma and unravel why I was using food and exercise as a coping mechanism and to accept who I was. Finding peace and harmony with myself, acceptance and appreciation had me questioning why I was never guided through an approach that had me enjoy the process of bettering my health, of course the journey saw me lose weight but through such damaging approaches. The more I spoke to people, the more I recognised the common humanity of my experience and how so many had also been, or were in, the same situation with no real knowledge on energy balance, emotional awareness, compassion, kindness and habit formation, all of which have collectively gotten me to a place of balance and order.


At the time, I was an Office Manager with accounting degrees, working an unfulfilled job, I worked for payday (literally), I felt flat in my role, it didn’t excite me. I wasn’t passionate about it, so I looked into a career change. I wanted to help others, I wanted to give the support I wish I had and I knew there was a huge place for this. I took the leap, with no income, I quit my job and began studying, a now qualified Level 4 Nutrition Coach after studying the BTN Academy alongside a psychology course I began Nutrition with Rebecca, my absolute passion. However, I didn’t stop my learning there, I knew how important the mindset was, the psychology behind emotions and how this plays such a huge part in fulfilling needs for so many, I am now into my second year of BSc Honours Degree studying Health Science & Psychology.

My journey has taught me so much more than sometimes I am able to believe, I do not for one minute regret it, it has made me the person I am today, this is however not me saying ‘Because I’ve done it you can do it’ - No, this is me saying I want to empower you with knowledge, support and guidance to achieve your goals in a way that you enjoy. I cannot do it for you, my coaching requires time and effort, two of the biggest pillars that aren’t handed out in diet plans. My coaching isn’t a dictation, it is an education where the complete family benefit, where you teach your children how to eat, creating an environment of peace and order, building self awareness and presence and finding joy in showing up each and everyday in a way that works for you.

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Client Testimonial

"Working with Rebecca has been nothing but educational and amazing!! Her friendly and realistic approach has meant that I’ve enjoyed 30th birthdays, spending quality time with family and friends and just enjoying life with no guilt, no stress that I’ve messed up and still seen huge results not just physical but the mental demons have been banished. I’m now fully equipped and in control of listening & fuelling my body correctly and I can’t thank Rebecca enough for all the advice & support I’ve had every single step of the way."

Shelbi - Dental Nurse

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