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Empowering people with knowledge to live a healthy and happy life


Mind, Body & Health Group Coaching

A coaching programme designed to help you achieve your goals, banish years of yoyo dieting and finally flourish with your Nutrition & Exercise, living your healthiest and happiest version of yourself.


Mind, Body & Health is a group coaching platform that has all the incredible benefits of online coaching with the added bonus of a support group of like minded people all on the same journey, this community is one of the most amazing elements. 


It's time to quit the yoyo dieting, the years of cycling through diet culture and begin creating an approach that works for you, that has you achieve your goals & sustain them longterm. 


What got you here will not get you there!


Your previous methods haven't worked, you've done the best with the knowledge you have, but that will not get you to where you want to be. But luckily for you, I can help you, support you and guide you to achieve your health goal, and more importantly, sustain your results. 


The best diet isn't the one that loses 2 stone in 2 months, but the one that sustains that loss 12 months, 24 months later. Your results are a direct result of your actions, I help you build habits and behaviours that incorporate your commitments, your life and help you banish the limiting beliefs you have and finally find peace & harmony with food and exercise. 

Group Coaching

Whos it for?

  • Those who love food and have spent years yoyo dieting and want to find fun and joy back in eating with balance.

  • Those who want to implement lasting change to their healthful behaviours to support sustainable change.

  • Those who want to feel empowered by their mind & body. 

  • Those who want to have fun & don’t take things too seriously.

  • Those who understand there is more to life than just how you look.

  • Those who want some accountability each week from someone who cares & is invested in you.

  • Those who want to improve their nutrition knowledge & understanding.

  • Those who want to be successful in 2023 feeling more confident in what they can achieve.

  • Those who are invested in their health & wellbeing.

  • Those who are serious foodies just like me and want to have a grand time with food socially, emotionally, mentally and physically longterm.


What does Mind, Body & Health  include?

Tailored Nutrition Guidance & Targets based on your requirements & needs inline with your goals. 

 Weekly Self Assessment & 1 Month Check In with Weekly Group Zoom Call . 

Support on how to eat for fun, joy, with balance & flexibility. Removing guilt in way that supports your life.

Extensive Education Documents, Monthly Webinars, Weekly Live Q&A's

Access to Exercise Programmes to suit all levels from Home Workouts to Hypertrophy Training.

Support building on Healthy Habits & Behaviour Change with daily accountability. 

Support, Reassurance, Honesty, Guidance & likely some entertainment. An enjoyable way to dieting, exercise & lifestyle changes. 

Tailored support delivered through an app which is specific to your needs, your goals & your struggles. I become part of your team


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