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Empowering people with the knowledge to thrive living a healthy and happy life

A qualified & certified Nutritionist, compassionate coach, specialising in food relationships, relationships with body image, mindset changes and behaviour change. 


I'm Rebecca, a complete foodie, Disney & Marvel fanatic, lover of all animals especially my cocker-poo Edith, recovering perfectionist, with a passion to help many achieve a life of health and wellbeing, having fell at the years of excessive yoyo dieting, emotional & binge eating, my journey of 13 stone weight loss, now maintained for 8 years, sparked a passion and purpose for coaching where Nutrition with Rebecca was born.

I recognised there was no support for those who wanted to break free from dieting, lose weight and maintain it long term, creating the Thrive with Life Method


Life changing 1-1 Coaching

When I began my journey of weight loss I noticed there was a huge gap in the industry around sustainable weight loss, every diet spoke at great length about losing weight, calories, syns, points, but nobody was talking about how to actually sustain that. There was no support to those who wanted to lose weight and keep it off. Instead there was, and still is, many yo-yo dieting with poor relationships with food.

These short diets, fixation on food only as an intervention, huge restricted approaches that was affecting many peoples mental & physical health, low self esteem, low confidence, negative body image, disordered eating patterns, and no support for the diet after the diet, no support for behaviour change to sustain a healthy life.

Having lost the weight & fallen at the expense of the above, I wanted to be the support that was missing in so many people's journey. To help them achieve their goals in a way that supports their health long term. 

I have invested in education now a Qualified & Certified Nutritionist, Compassionate Coach, Relationship with Food and continue to develop that to help you de-bunk years of dieting messages, behaviours that have prevented you achieving your goals.


Follow the below for details on how you can work with me.

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Client Testimonial

"Rebecca has been exactly what I've needed for a long time but struggled to find in a confusing sea of fitness influences! Without Rebecca I certainly would not have found the courage to move away from the habits in my life that were not serving me well and move closer to new ones that would. Rebecca has helped me to see nutrition, fitness and lifestyle in a more sustainable and holistic way, a way that is not overwhelming and very much manageable with a busy full time job. Rebecca is so knowledgeable, approachable and truly gives you the confidence to achieve what you want whilst gently challenging you when those negative thoughts start creeping back in. Thank you Rebecca for being a real light in my life, so much more than a nutrition coach and for helping me feel so much more at peace with myself and my goals!"

Anna - Full time school teacher

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